Free Buncit with 4 Asana Yoga

Belly fat is often a problem . Not only interfere with the appearance and makes people not believe traits , distended abdomen can also increase the risk of chronic diseases such as stroke and diabetes .

A healthy diet plus cardio exercises are appropriate measures to prevent and reduce belly fat . This business can provide maximum results if you add some yoga asanas that can train your abdominal muscles .

Here’s 4 asana in yoga which can help tighten your abdominal muscles to prevent stomach distended .

1 . Pose Marjarasana ( Cat Pose )

This pose has called Cat Pose or cat pose , because the movement stretched like a cat . This movement is done by beginners who want to train your abdominal muscles . The goal is to melatihan abdominal muscle strength and increase spinal flexibility . Even exercise is often performed by a pregnant woman is claimed to be able to relieve the stress of prolonged .

Stages of Implementation :

Take fours
Sejajajar spine neck
Inhale and lower abdomen up to the top
Arch your spine and lower head
Dynamically Repeat 10 reps

2 . Pose Bhujangasana ( Cobra Pose )

Have you seen the cobra snake preparing to strike its prey ? Well , this yoga pose adopted from the cobra snake movement . Poses Bhujangasana or often called the Cobra Pose is beneficial to improve the flexibility of the spine as well as tighten the abdominal muscles . The physiotherapists often use this method to help patients relieve back pain .

Stages of Implementation :

lying on his stomach
Both hands hold the body weight
Raise your body using your abdominal muscles and waist
Hold for a moment
Return to starting position
Repeat 10 reps

3 . Pose Navasana ( Boat Pose )

Boat Pose , does not mean you should do it on a boat . This term simply because the motion resembles a boat . This exercise has the same benefits to the two previous exercises , namely to increase the strength of your back and abdominal muscles simultaneously.

Stages of Implementation :

Starting from a seated position on the floor
Raise both legs
Hold the knee with both hands until your body forms a “V ”
Keep your head in line with your back straight
Hold 10 seconds
Return to starting position
Repeat 5 reps

4 . Pose Dhanurasana ( Bow Pose )

Pose Dhanurasana is the most challenging poses . For beginners, this movement may be a little hard to do . Movements are often referred to as Dhanurasana Bow Pose as a form of exercise is like a bow . In addition to increasing abdominal muscle strength , Dhanurasana also serves to mobilize the spine , improve posture and strengthen the back muscles .

Stages of Implementation :

lying on his stomach
Bend both legs to the top
Hold your ankles with both hands
Raise your body using your abdominal muscles and back
Hold some 10 seconds
Return to original position
Repeat 5 reps

Balance exercise with a diet low in fat and high in protein in order to be rid of your belly fat is troublesome .

Sixpack Abs , Know it Before You Build it

” Not know it was love ” , saying it certainly familiar to you . Although many regard as the sentence does not mean , however, saying it had a positive effect on the formation of your sixpack stomach . How so?

Have a sixpack muscles not only how you train your abdominal muscles hundreds of times , but the extent to which you know the parts of the body called sixpack .

The more you know and understand the parts sixpack muscle , the easier you get a sixpack stomach .
Anatomy of Abdominal Muscles ( Sixpack )

Sixpack muscles located on the front of the abdominal muscles in the foreign terms is called Anterior Abdominal Wall Muscles . This muscle is divided into 4 sections of muscle , namely :

rectus abdominus
Is part of the muscle that form a ” sixpack ” . Rectus means ” straight ” and abdominus means ” belly ” , which means the muscle is perpendicular to the abdomen . This muscle is useful to keep the spine and pelvis stable.

external Oblique
This muscle is behind the lower ribs to the pelvis and passing . This muscle is also useful to support the movement of the spine . In addition, the external oblique is also useful to maintain spine stability while performing exercises that make the body bend to the side .

internal Oblique
This muscle is under the external oblique muscle . This muscle helps the movement of the spine while doing exercises like crunches . In addition , this muscle also acts to stabilize the spine when doing the twist or bend .
anatomy sixpack

transversus abdominus
The muscle is located in between the muscle to the other three . The transverse abdominus plays a role in stabilizing the lower back . Experts say that while doing activities such as walking, running , and so on , this muscle is the first time actively engaged. This muscle can not look like a sixpack muscle , because it lies too deep in your belly .
Sixpack Abs Workouts

Like other body muscles , abdominal muscles also need to be trained in order to evenly support the body during activity and strength can be seen sixpack . Here are examples of exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles as well as get a sixpack stomach .

Jacknife Sit Up
Jacknife – sit- up1
Stages of Implementation :

Lie on your back
Both hands are above the head
Lift your legs and body simultaneously
Earn toe with both hands
Return to original position

twisted Crunch
Twist – crunch
Stages of Implementation :

Lie on your back
Palms are in addition to the head
Lift your right knee towards the body
Perform the same movement leftward alternately

Unstable Push Plank
push – unstable – plank1
Stages of Implementation :

lying face down
Both hands hold the body weight
Legs and back straight
Lift your right leg up with the left hand
Hold a few seconds
Replace with the other side

Barbell Side Bend
barbell – Side -bend .
Stages of Implementation :

Grasp dumbbells and place it in the back of the head
Keep your body straight and do not bend
Bend your body to the left side slowly
Hold for a moment
Return to original position
Do alternately to the left and right abdomen

Side Plank
Side – plank1
Stages of Implementation :

Lying on your left side
Left hand hold the weight of the body
Lift your hips up
Hold for a moment
Return to original position
Repeat a few reps before switching sides

For maximum results , always balance the above exercises with a diet low in fat and high in protein . Good luck !

Whey protein , Protein Sources Important for Ideal Body

Whey is a byproduct or waste from the manufacture of cheese or butter . Whey protein is one of the main protein in milk , either breast milk , cow’s milk or infant formula .

There are several different types of whey protein is determined by the type of acid or enzymes used in cheese making . There is a whey protein that uses enzymes as koagulasinya method , some use acids and the latter is a kind of whey which uses acid than lactic acid such as HCl and sulfuric acid .

Whey protein is usually available in three main forms :

Concentrate , which contains low fat and cholesterol but generally have higher levels of bioactive compounds , and carbohydrates in the form of lactose , protein content in it is 29 % -89 % by weight .
Isolate, processed to remove fat , and lactose , but are usually lower content of bioactive compounds . Protein content is 90 % or more by weight . The second type of whey protein is a little taste of milk .
Hydrolyzate or hydrolyzate , predigested , which is a partially hydrolyzed whey protein , so it is more easily absorbed , but the price is generally more expensive . Hydrolyzed whey protein which will further lower alergeniknya properties compared to other forms of whey protein . However , whey protein has a very bitter taste .

When dieting , the consumption of adequate amounts of protein is also necessary for our daily protein needs are met . Whey protein is a good source of protein and is highly recommended to help your diet program .

Proteins in milk comprising approximately 20 % whey protein . A wide range of studies show that whey protein results effectively to aid fat loss program through several different mechanisms .

Lowering Fat Levels
Researchers from Minnesota ‘s Applied Research Center found that people who go on a diet with reduced calories with whey protein supplementation can reduce levels of body fat is more than just applying a low-calorie diet alone .
Improve Muscle Mass
Adding muscle mass to accelerate weight loss . This is because the body will burn more calories if the muscles more and more . Findings by scientists from the University of Texas Medical Branch suggests that consumption of whey protein after weight training can increase muscle growth by stimulating the formation of muscle protein .
Reduce Appetite
Adding whey protein intake can suppress appetite , thereby reducing caloric intake and increase fat burning . A study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism showed that after consuming whey protein , the calories we intake will be less than usual .

Whey protein is a source of easily digestible protein and effective way to help boost your metabolism and also helps the body burn more calories . With intense training and eating whey protein , the fat burning process will be perfect .

If you plan to consume whey protein , make sure you choose a product that has the best composition and the best quality to obtain optimal results from whey protein .